Lions around the world are responding to the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and as of today over £100,000 has been raised by 1000 UK clubs and International Grants.

The grants have been issued to the Lions of:

  • Poland,
  • Hungary,
  • Romania,
  • Ukraine,
  • the Slovak Republic/Czech Republic

As the refugees move further into Europe, Lions are welcoming numerous refugees and they will be supported locally by the Lions Clubs on the ground and the Lions Clubs International Foundation’s Designated Grants for Refugees.  (LCIF)

Support for Ukraine Refugees – Initially Leeds &S kyrack Lions Club have made  a donation of £500.00  from our reserve funds . With the number of Lions clubs in the UK approaching 1,000  we are likely to create a sizeable pool just from the UK alone.  Lions are the largest international voluntary group in terms of membership and direct aid to where it is needed through local clubs who have identified specific needs following a disaster or humanitarian crisis.

The benefits of working through local clubs is that being a community based structure it is well placed to identify gaps in services and respond rapidly and effectively to areas of need.  Local Lions clubs can also ensure that all efforts are targeted directly without any third party involvement.  At a higher level LCIF can provide assistance and direction by coordinating our local response to ensure that there is little duplication of government or NGO activity. In addition, complications such as delivery of goods that are not in short supply or managing the logistics of larger quantities of uncoordinated goods can be minimised through working with local teams.

If you would like to support Lions volunteers on the ground please feel free to contact us.

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