Who we help

Below are some of the activities supported by the Leeds & Skyrack Lions Club to help others.

Locally and Nationally

Here is an indicative list of some of the activities and organisations we have recently supported by service or financially:

  • Local Defribulator provision
  • St Gemma’s and Wheatfields Hospice
  • The Candlelighters Trust ·  practical & emotional support to children fighting cancer in Yorkshire
  • Respite Support for Kids with Cancer
  • Bench for Burley Park
  • Collection and recycling of spectacles for distribution worldwide
  • Sight Savers
  • Disability Sports
  • The Samaritans (Leeds)
  • Local Flood Relief Emergency Funds
  • Opal North Leeds
  • Hawksworth Wood Community Centre
  • Leeds Childrens Hospitals and Hospice
  • Local Children’s Homes
  • Lord Mayor’s Appeal
  • Local Primary Schools
  • Leeds Foodbanks
  • Little Heros
  • Dementia Cafe
  • Marie Curie
  • Panto for Looked after Children
  • Blood Bikes
  • St Georges Crypt Homeless Shelter
  • Leeds Homestart
  • Moortown Park Gala
  • Emergency Assistance with Home Essentials
  • Beds for Ukraine refugees in UK

We keep all donations made to specific individuals Confidential.


  • Ukraine, support to Lions Clubs helping refugees in Poland and other countries.
  • LCIF – Providing Worldwide Relief in Disaster Areas
  • Sight First – helping to save people from preventable and river blindness
  • Hosting of German Disadvantaged Youth visitors to Yorkshire
  • Water Aid – providing clean water supplies in the Third world

Below are some of the areas in which Lions Clubs all over the UK and the world help others.

Older Persons

  • Christmas Parcels
  • Brass Band Concerts
  • Assistance to Blind Travellers


  • Support materials for schools related to the Environment and Climate Action
  • Assistance to Students/Youth undertaking community service
  • Youth Centres
  • Youth Award (now called ‘Young Ambassadors of the 21st Century)
  • Education Sponsorships


  • Disadvantaged Young Persons Programme
  • Army Benevolent Fund
  • Blind Veterans
  • Hearing Dogs

Health Awareness

  • Tacade
  • Diabetes
  • Sight First
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Physical and Learning Disabilities
  • Speech and Hearing
  • LIBRA Blood Research Appeal
  • Medic Alert
  • Prostrate Screening