Leeds and Skyrack Lions Club are only able to support the local community financially with funds raised from the public.  We as volunteers help to secure funds and involvement to support and help many good causes, mainly local and some international.  We also volunteer and provide direct community service and support that does not involve direct financial help where practical.

Christmas Appeal 2022

Since 1952 we have been supplying Christmas food parcels and other year round targeted support to the less fortunate in our local community. Due to the unprecedented pandemic we could not visit homes over the last few years, and we will not be doing so this year to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

Unfortunately the need has not reduced and with the communities previous extremely generous support we have continued to provide help for the vulnerable, elderly or homeless in Leeds, including maintaining local defibrillators and supporting a wide range of key services including hospices and Candlelighters. This support makes a real difference so we are asking individuals to help by making a donation to this appeal, if you can.

  1. Please send your donation cheque payable to ‘Leeds Skyrack Lions Club’ to our Treasurer, Lion R Carter, 3 Keswick Grange, Leeds LS17 9BX.
  2. Or donate electronically to our account, NatWest Bank     60-12-39     86814648
  3. As a Charity registered with HMRC if you tell us you are a UK taxpayer we can reclaim an extra 25p for every £1 donated, please just provide your name and address.

You can download  a Gift Aid form using this link:

OR : We can send  you a Gift Aid form if you wish, please just contact us at

Santa's sleigh


As well as providing service support the Club needs to fundraise so that others can be helped. We are grateful for all the public, supporters and volunteers.   The Lions always welcomes your help and assistance in supporting good causes.


Lions service in action delivering a great barbecue at St Gemma’s, Leeds.